Goals and Stats

 I am challenging myself to lose weight by creating and sticking to a program that will help me reset bad habits and get myself on track to achieve my ideal health and weight of 135lbs.

THE WHY: To have a greater quality and longer life, more energy for my kids and my friends, AND to fit into my "Skinny Jeans and A Little Black Dress"!!!  Some other great reasons....
  • To be healthier! 
  • To stop making excuses....
  • To conquer bad eating habits and be a better example to my children.
  • I love clothes - and I wanna wear the cute ones!
  • To be able to buy clothes "off the rack".
  • To have a towel wrap all the way around my body without any gaps!
  • Better self-esteem and confidence!
  • To prove that it can be done - by anyone!

STARTING STATS:  Challenge Accepted
Weight:          234lbs
Dress Size:     22
Jean Size:       38W x38L

Weight:           135lbs
Dress Size:      6
Jean Size:        Tommy Hilfiger JUNIOR SIZE 7!!!!


I look and feel FABULOUS, I can breathe and have much more energy,  and can enjoy cute clothes again!  I thought MAYBE it would help me get "the guy" too - but it didn't work that way.
KEEPING FAITH that my perfect guy is still out there somewhere....