The Plan

*This is my program that I am developing AS-I-GO based on input from my doctor, my fitness coach, my research, and whole lotta trial and error.  If you are considering joining me on this journey, please consult with your physician first!  I am committed to reaching my goal whatever it takes, and my program is subject to change at any time as I experiment with strategies and resources during the course of this journey.*

These are the TOOLS I recommend: - a FREE online weight loss and diet journal that helps to track healthy nutrition, exercise, moods and results.  I will be using this tool daily to log my efforts to create a better analysis of what does (and doesn't) work.

ItWorks! - Body toning/slimming herbal detox Applicators for target areas like abs, arms, chin/neck, and thighs, Defining Gel to restore elasticity and reduce appearance of saggy skin, and Fat Fighter Carb Inhibitors when I am in situations where I have less control over what I can eat (like when I'm working...).

Pilates & Yoga - I am ALL GIRL and like soft edges. Hard chisled muscles are GREAT on boys, but not on me, so I will be toning and strengthening this way.

Melonie Dodaro's 28 Day Fat Blast -  Melonie Dodaro, certified weight loss master coach, author of The MindBody FX Lifestyle and founder of MindBody FX Weight Management Company. All you need is the desire to change your body and the power of your own mind.

Tools I hope to add to my regimen: SALSA DANCING and SOFTBALL.  Let's face it, Salsa Dancing just looks HOT - and like a ton of fun! And softball has always been a passion of mine - and what a great way to get outdoors and active!

Here's what I know: if I try to make it too complicated and not enough fun I will never stick to it. SO I have to use tools that I know I will enjoy and can see results quickly to keep myself excited about this journey.